Enterprise 2000  

About Us

Recognizing a critical need in the community, Enterprise2000, an inventory asset management service, offers an innovative program that brings new options for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to donate and/or sell excess inventory. As the end of the year approaches, corporations must address their idle inventory stored in warehouses, as regulations require companies to eliminate fully expensed inventory before the end of their fiscal year. Socially responsible companies also consider how their excess will impact their communities.

By working with Enterprise2000, we can help manufacturers comply with critical accounting practices through the donation of their obsolete and excess inventory. Once the inventory has been accessed by Enterprise2000 then the products are remarketed using its proven suite of business services. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale go directly to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boys’ & Girls Club of Broward County, and/or JAFCO of South Florida to fund their community’s children with the most critical health and human care needs. With millions of dollars of unused obsolete and excess inventory losing value in warehouses across the country this new corporate program is an opportunity for companies to maximize their returns and have a meaningful impact on the community at the same time.

Enterprise2000 has proven to be a top supply partner by addressing its customers’ need to disposition aging or end-of-life products and excess components. The company offers a fully-hosted solution to sell at-risk, excess, obsolete, returned, and refurbished inventory in the B2B arena. Enterprise2000 provides companies with innovative business services, including market intelligence to establish reserve and target pricing, the identification of the buying community appropriate to the products, configuration and merchandising of their private marketplace, and performs all financial settlements.

Enterprise2000 improves its customers’ product profitability by helping them identify excess and at-risk inventory and remarketing the inventory through the channel mechanism most appropriate to that asset.